I Don’t Like the Word Doodle

Eat it Facebook, check out my BLOG!!

The purpose of this little guy is to show off some of my more recent art projects – namely, scribbles on garbage found around the house.

It’s a good thing that I’ll mainly be using this to just post doodles, cause I sure can’t think of anything great to say.

For months I assumed that my scanner had broken in my move out here, and I’m not sure why.  I finally sat down to use it the other day, and this is the first things I grabbed:

Click her to make her bigger.

So there ya have it, Blog Post Number One.  Cats.



8 thoughts on “I Don’t Like the Word Doodle

    1. Hi Brittany, this is also a comment. To delete it would be cruel. Please login and say that I can buy some of your artwork for awkward family Xmas presents.

  1. I love this blog and would love it even if I did not already love you! So good. I want it all. This made my yogurt parfait that much more enjoyable to eat!

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