So folky polkies, HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Ive been back in Good Ol’ Kalamazoo for the past weekish, which should explain the lack of updates.  Christmas this year was terrific, as always.  Hanging with the fam and friends, staying up late, watching WAY TOO MUCH TV and eating like JAWS ON THE FOURTH OF JULY!  I already miss home, but a part of me always does.

Anyway, here are some photos and drawings of the projects I made as gifts this year-


A pull sheet from label making!

HOTLIDAY SAUCE!  Red and Green.  The green is jalapeno and cilantro, the red is a variety of dried and smoked chiles with roasted pumpkin and sesame seeds.  Holler if you want a recipe!

Here are the original drawings I used to print on notepads for my friends-

And the notepads!

… which did not turn out as nicely as I had anticipated, but whateverrrrrr.  I also didn’t realize when I ordered them that they would have that dorky embossed rectangle on the front, which sort of threw me off my GAME.


This isn’t all of the XMAS crafting I did, but I’m bored with bloggin’, so you’ll have to wait TIL NEXT TIME!





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