SO MANY CAPS AND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’S !!!!

TIME, TIME, TIME!  What has become of us??  We’re are drifting apart.  I can’t take it much longer.

Over the past few months, since my last update, there have been plenty of productive changes in my life.  I have two and a half new jobs!  Working at the Fourth Coast’s West Coast doppelganger!  TUTORING!  And I love it – my mind is shaping the minds of children… let’s hope their parents don’t find out!  HAW.  And lastly, perhaps most excitingly, working on designs for the CHEEZBURGER NETWORK, better known at LOLCATS (to me, at least.)  All of these adjustments are my excuse for ignoring the ol’ Blog.  Aside from the changes in my employment I’ve been hanging with awesome visitors (DANROSIEKIM), making weird things with Beef (ROLLLLLLLS and FACE ART!) and covering things with GLITTER!  As you can see, I’ve been busy.

But, relatively soon, this thing will be filled to the brim with garbage again, just give me some time! TIME, TIME!  And otherwise everything is coming up CHERRY BLOSSOMS and BULLFROGS!  Thanks to the impending springtime.

I also should let everyone know that I have finally joined the wave of the future and am now the proud owner of a tablet.  And it is WONDERFULLY FUN.  Here is a little scribble party I had last night while experimenting with it, only took a sec:



ANYWAY!  Thanks fer checkin’ in.



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