So, I’ve been kind of busy lately – pickin my nose, chasing neighborhood cats, napping… etc.  In addition to all that nonsense, I have recently been involved in a print exchange!  It features 20 different artists, most from Seattle (Chicago and New York, too).  The theme of the exchange was “Tall Tales” and all print had to be made using a hand pulled process.  Some folks went for linoleum cuts, others used block printing, but I chose the ol’ faithful screen printing method!  I chose to create an image depicting the merciless lil devil of Detroit, the Nain Rouge! (Dan Foley has personally met him.)

There are two shows here in Seattle featuring the work, one is tomorrow at the Pike Street Press at the market, and another in August at Ballard Works.  So exciting!

This is the illustrator file that I created from hand drawing all of the separations onto transparencies.  Hardly any cheating occurred in transferring the originals to a digital form. Mostly I create the illustrator files so that I can easily manipulate the colors I want to work with.  I forgot to scan one of my finished print before sending them off to be mailed to the other artist (which was kind of dumb) but here are a couple photos from the printing process…



The 3rd color… The prints actually turned out really well.  It was the first time I printed something without getting really angry at registration problems!  Yeah!  I’ll post a scan of the finished print when I get them back!


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