Hey FOLKS.  It sure has been a while, apologies if you actually keep up with this.

New Year, NEW RESPONSIBILITIES.  When I came back from XMAS in MICHIGAN I was gifted  a surprise promotion at my money-making job, the Hi Spot.  Yer lookin’ at the blog of a COFFEE SHOP MANAGER.  Yowser.  Still tutoring, and possibly gaining some new tiny students of the 1st grade variety.  I’ve been building a small mountain of jewels and other consumer-goods to peddle through my still yet-to-exist Etsy store.  Finished another round of the XPX print exchange and a few of my pieces were hung in their group show.  I’m preparing for another group show in April, which will hopefully showcase some new work incorporating old themes and practices. And, finally, Trimpin and I finished all of the prints for his upcoming show in Vancouver!

SO, it’s been a little hectic.  Pleasantly so, but I’ve had to put a few things on hold, like updating the blog.  This busy schedule has stymied my careless doodling too, but Spring is coming and I’m looking forward to sitting at my drawing table with an open window and nothin to do but DRAWR.

I guess now it’s time to post a few pics of the few things I have been werkin on… !




And there is still much more to come!



3 thoughts on “

  1. LOVE the eternal licking! what are the magical danglers? so pretty!

    thanks again for the pretty prints. they’re still hiding away until i can find a suitable frame!

    come visit!

    1. Hey SARAH! Thanks, dude! The danglers are earring I make. They are hand-painted pieces of coconut wood.

      I’ll visit soon. Gotta get to OTOWN. And when are we going on our magical cabin getaway??

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